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Hi Friends!

My name is Laurie, professional photographer based out of the Nevada City, Grass valley area.  I love capturing special moments and freezing them in time.  I have formal training as a fine art portrait photographer & have had the honor of having my work displayed at the 'CROCKER ART MUSEUM'  in Sacramento as well as the 'VIEW POINT ART GALLERY',  also in downtown Sacramento.

I am pretty straight forward, and I think my photography style is as well.  My style is casual, creative, fun & mellow.  I can honestly say I love what I do. Every photographer has their own style, their own creative side which they express through their work. My images are very clear - sharp, well-exposed images that are not over-manipulated.  Very organic.  People see that and like it!

I want my images to tug at your heart.  I want to create timeless portraits that warm your soul in difficult moments .  My goal is to provide images that you want to fill your home with, and pass on for generations.  This is your life.  I'm just here to make sure you never forget how amazing it is! 


 I look forward to meeting each and every one of you.

xoxo Laurie Sizemore

Please contact me at (909) 784~9801 or email me at smore.foto@gmail.com to schedule a session